Our kids deserve sexual education that is age-appropriate and scientifically accurate. Rejecting R-90 will give them that.

 R-90 is an unfunded mandate that places a distant government agency above the voice of local parents and schools. This legislation mandates a statistically ineffective and harmful sex education ideology called CSHE. 


Parents and schools need a voice in sex education.

R-90 places the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI) above the voice of parents and schools. This law makes OSPI the final authority in sex education.


R-90 demands schools use curricula with CSHE philosophy.

Unlike traditional sex education, Comprehensive Sexuality Health Education (CSHE) is an extreme ideology that teaches children they should experience sexual activity at any age. CSHE curriculums have been proven to be damaging to children and scientifically inaccurate.


CSHE leaves kids vulnerable to sexual abuse.

Sex Trafficking Organizations and Police Officers are saying this curricula is grooming and follows the steps predators use to gain access to children. (READ WHAT THEY SAYThe legislators who passed this law also denied the request to require education about online predators and sex traffickers.


The “opt out” is deceptive.

CSHE is meant to be integrated into all classes, nullifying a true opt out. The amendment to close this loophole was rejected, along with the amendment to translate the opt out into other languages for parents who don’t speak English. Finally, you can’t opt out of “playground talk.” Students testified CSHE curriculum changed the culture of the school and made sexual harassment the “new norm.”


R-90 is an unfunded mandate.

This forces the financial burden onto our already under-funded schools, displacing many time-sensitive and high need materials and services.


CSHE includes harmful scientifically inaccurate sex education.

This put our kids at risk. The forced curriculum includes factual errors such as, teaching children the “pulling out” method is “free and always available. More effective than most people think…” and that the morning after pill (EC) is just as effective five days after sex.


CSHE requires viewing of harmful and inaccurate online resources to children.

One curriculum’s “accurate and reliable resource” is a website written by teens which features articles encouraging the choking method, bondage, and how to hide sexual activity from parents.


What People Are Saying

Based on my experience and training I can confidently say that in my opinion SB5395 the mandated comprehensive sex education bill is nothing but a frame work for grooming children to be victims of sexual abuse and an obscene assault on innocence.

 – Officer Chris –
(Retired Centralia Child Sex Crimes Detective)


As a foster parent, I’ve seen first-hand the effects of sexual abuse in children. Kids victimized by sexual abuse are more likely to develop symptoms of drug abuse, PTSD and major depressive episodes. It’s us, the local community and parents who are the ones staying up in the middle of the night to help a child with the nightmares. We are the most consistent support system our children have. A government organization who doesn’t even know their names, can’t have the final say in what’s best for them.

– Mattie M. –
(Former WA Foster Parent)

ESSB 5395 has taken away our local control to represent our community… We strongly feel that especially in the area of sexual health education, local control in partnership with our community and parents needs to be retained.

– Central Valley School District –


This unfunded mandate would add further strain to our adoption cycle and force us to delay much needed materials in other areas.

– Othello School District –


I don’t want this mandated on me and I certainly can’t imagine making younger kids go through this. Today I ask you to guarantee that ALL kids’ voices are heard. Please vote no and give us a real choice, a choice to keep our honor.

– Abby –
(8th Grade)


I’d like to tell you what the sex education curriculum has done to our school in the last couple years. Feeling violated is our new norm. Sexual harassment is the new norm. Lack of respect is the new norm. Graphic details, pornographic images and inappropriate assignments have become a part of everyday…We deserve safe boundaries and we need you to provide them after all, we have to live with the laws you pass. Please vote no on this bill and protect our dignity.

– Sarah –
8th Grade Student of OSPI Approved FLASH Curriculum


The fact that parents were given the choice to opt their children out of CSHE is, in my mind, a tacit admission that the material is problematic for many people…Especially as a male instructor, I couldn’t imagine teaching some of these things to impressionable young people. An amendment was submitted to the legislature that requested that teachers also be allowed to opt out if they had objections to the curriculum. It was rejected. Why are the convictions of the parents respected while those of educators are not?

– Brian –
(4th Grade Teacher)

… I am strongly opposed to the mandatory CSHE program. This program, promoted K-12, strongly resembles the types of grooming, and indoctrination tactics used by abusers, pedophiles,  and sex traffickers. With the huge rise in human trafficking we see in our society our schools absolutely should not be helping the predators!

– Christine G. –
(Regional Director of a Non-profit that Works to Combat Human Trafficking)

…FLASH (a curriculum approved by OSPI) claims to be a “comprehensive sex education program” that contains “medically and scientifically accurate” information, yet upon closer examination, it contains inaccurate information and only tells the partial truth about birth control and STDs.

– Dr. Michele –

As a psychotherapist specialist in Sexual Addiction, I am writing to express my grave concern over Sex Ed bill SB5395 …For the sake of the future safety and prosperity of our children and nation do not pass this bill.

– Grace –
(CSAT – Certified Sex Addiction Therapist)

I have reviewed the authors of the curriculum and I am appalled to realize that there were no professionals in the medical field who co-authored it, though I did see a Medical Assistant who is described as a “Family Planning Health Educator.” Instead, the curriculum enforces the authors’ values on our children in the guise of an educational program. I am asking you to cease the implementation of such a program. It is incomprehensive, of little educational value and loosely based on facts…

– Dr. Jude V. –

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Denied Amendments

Find out what attempts were made to satisfy both sides of the issue,and how those adjustments (amendments) were denied.

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